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RCLibrary is a collection of old-time modeller books and periodicals, held online as PDF files for free download. Everything here is free. The library is open to everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download.

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Latest 5 books

Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design

11/06/2016 | RCL#1433
Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design
Andy Lennon
1996. "Practical techniques for building better models." Comprehensive and... more

AeroModeller Annual 1951

28/05/2016 | RCL#1407
AeroModeller Annual 1951
D. J. Laidlaw-Dickson & D. A. Russell (Eds.)
1951. A review of the year's aeromodelling throughout the world in theory... more

Model Boat Construction

25/05/2016 | RCL#1401
Model Boat Construction
Harvey A. Adam
1952. "This book is primarily intended as an aid for the newcomer to model... more

Flying Machines: Practice and Design

20/05/2016 | RCL#1392
Flying Machines: Practice and Design
Rankin Kennedy
1909. An early introduction to the general technical principles of airplane... more

Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume II - World War II

19/05/2016 | RCL#1390
Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume II - World War II
Peter M. Bowers (Ed.)
1991. "Scale drawings, rare photos and historical data on popular WWII... more

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Latest 5 magazines, catalogues, other

RCM 1969/03 March

27/06/2016 | RCL#1442
RCM 1969/03 March
Vol. 6, No. 3 FEATURES Foolish Follies - J. Alexander Wireless - Paul... more

RCM 1969/02 February

15/06/2016 | RCL#1440
RCM 1969/02 February
Vol. 6, No. 2 FEATURES R/C Design Made Easy - Chuck Cunningham... more

AeroModeller 1941/10 October

14/06/2016 | RCL#1438
AeroModeller 1941/10 October
Vol. 6, No. 71 Incorporating the "Model Aeroplane Constructor"... more

RCM 1969/01 January

13/06/2016 | RCL#1436
RCM 1969/01 January
Volume 6, Number 1 FEATURES Engine Clinic - Clarence Lee Wheel Brakes... more

Radio Control Models & Electronics 1962/12 December

10/06/2016 | RCL#1431
Radio Control Models & Electronics 1962/12 December
Volume 3, Number 12 CONTENTS Here, There & Everywhere Multi-Gem - G.... more

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Latest 5 patents

Patent: Control Handle for Model Airplanes

27/06/2016 | RCL#1441
Patent: Control Handle for Model Airplanes
US No. 2,507,053,  Romie G. Rymer,  1950. ...more

Patent: Wind Tunnel Balance

15/06/2016 | RCL#1439
Patent: Wind Tunnel Balance
US No. 2,380,516,  Carl Goldberg,  1945. ...more

Patent: Propeller Construction

14/06/2016 | RCL#1437
Patent: Propeller Construction
US No. 1,841,959,  Harry T. Kingsbury,  1932. ...more

Patent: Aircraft [Bat]

13/06/2016 | RCL#1435
Patent: Aircraft [Bat]
US No. 5,090,636,  James M. Sadowski,  1992. ...more

Patent: Attachments in Model Airplanes

12/06/2016 | RCL#1434
Patent: Attachments in Model Airplanes
US No. 4,233,773,  Robert S. Jones,  1980. ...more

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Latest User Comments

I still have this issue, it was the first one I bought after moving back to Birmingham following discharge from the USAF. A quick look through the pages illustrates how far we have fallen in the publishing field since then. RCM actually told you how to do things, not like the product catalogs and reviews we see in the magazines today. The hobby shops don't even bother to stock model magazines now, too much trouble and few sales. When RCM appeared each month, modelers would gather at the hobby shop for their copies, and to discuss the month's contents. When I receive my Model Aviation copy each month, the first item I look up is the double page of other member's finished projects, giving me hope that others still build models. outerzone.co.uk is proof that we're not all assembling Chinese ARFs, that building models is alive and well. I enjoy seeing the pix on your site of projects built from plans on OZ. You might consider adding more pictures from modeler's projects, not just from plans on the site. ARFs need not apply ...
DougSmith : RCM 1969/01 January : RCL#1436 : 13/06/2016

It's all down to the way the original person who scanned the book or magazine decides to scan it. We'd prefer uniformity too, but it just depends on what gets submitted to us. Some of these scans have been floating round the internet for years and the earliest ones often seem to be scanned in a slightly idiosyncratic way. Hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment too much.
Mary : Model Airplane News 1959/06 June : RCL#1429 : 09/06/2016

Hello again, I have just downloaded the MAN 1959/06 issue and I have a question. Why are some pages scanned at a different scale to others? In this issue, as in others, two adjacent pages of a model plan have different sizes, why? Thanks.
TedAvey : Model Airplane News 1959/06 June : RCL#1429 : 09/06/2016

RCM July 1968: I've replaced the previous file with a better one that includes pages 19-24. Many thanks to Rudy for scanning and sharing the missing pages :)
Mary : RCM 1968/07 July : RCL#1366 : 07/06/2016

Thought we'd have a model car mag today - because a change is as good as a rest :)
Mary : Model Race Cars 1948/05 May : RCL#1414 : 01/06/2016

Thanks for the feedback, Bargle. Sorry to hear of your difficulties, but glad it usually works out in the end. Not sure why this happens with some files but not others. It may be due to differences in the way files are first saved by the people who send them to us. Will keep investigating.
Mary : Control Line Model Aircraft : RCL#1173 : 30/05/2016

I've been having this trouble as well. What's happening is the download is going along, then suddenly stops before completion though my download manager shows it as complete. No idea why. Downloading again usually works.
Bargle AKA Butch : Control Line Model Aircraft : RCL#1173 : 30/05/2016

A flying submarine sounds like something James Bond would have! Has anyone ever actually seen one of these - and did it work?
Mary : Patent: Flying Submarine : RCL#1396 : 23/05/2016

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Normal RCL service resumes today :) Thank you to everyone who has been in touch to send good wishes for my son's recovery. He's out of immediate danger now, although there's still a long road ahead of us. The messages of concern and support have been lovely and helped lift our spirits. Mary x

I'm afraid that family illness means I won't be updating RCLibrary for a while. Apologies to all our readers. I hope normal service will resume soon. In the meantime, why not catch up on all those back copies of RCM you've been meaning to read :)

Happy Easter everyone :) Don't eat too much chocolate!

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all!

I should point out that Steve did know the file name thing. I'm surprised he lets me near his websites sometimes ;) Mary

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